ilmŸster [ilm-ster] 

1. a person involved in or associated with Ilm—knowledge.


2. a person who is constantly involved in studying, applying and spreading knowledge: that girl is such an Ilmster, MashaAllah.




Endorsements and Testimonies

Dr. Bilal Philips

Islamic Online University

Ilmster is the latest effort on the block to promote Islamic knowledge. It is produced by brothers who’ve made alot of efforts; studied in Al-Kawthar, Al-Maghrib, and the Islamic Online University. They are trying to bring that knowledge together for you. So, take the time, join the program, take the benefit, and fulfill the commandment, Muhammad (PBUH); that seeking knowledge is compolsory for each and every one of us! Be an Ilmster!

Sheikh Abu Usamah At-Thahabi

BIrmingham, UK

Seeking beneficial knowledge is the cornerstone of every Muslim young and old. So I congratulate the Ilmster team and its executives and volunteers and I ask you to keep on this path and continue being an inspiration to others.

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Sheikh Musleh Khan

Toronto, ON

This is where you need to be. It’s the Ilmster program where brothers and sisters have come together and simplified some the most critical and fundamental sciences of Islam. So if you find in yourself that you don’t have time, or you can’t understand, finding it too intensive, too detailed, then this is where you need to be in sha Allah. It will give you insight on the most important things that you and I need to know and we just can not be complete Muslims without it!

Sheikh Omar Suleiman

New Orleans, Louisiana

Asalaamu alaikum Ilmster team! MashaAllah I’ve been following the incredible work you guys are doing and know that Allah is Ash-Shakur and will thank you in special ways so long as you keep sincere. Institutions and projects of this sort require lifelong dedication but when you look back after a number of years, you’ll realize it was all worth it inshaAllah. Keep it up!


Jazakumullah khayr

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After having attended almost 10+ courses/workshops/events from Ilmster Alhamdulilah, honestly I must say I have never regretted a moment of it. The experience they offer has truly made me a better person and much more interested in Islam. Plus, seeing the dedication from there instructors and staff is enough for me to keep coming back. Go Ilmster!

Hamaad Sheikh

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