Prescription From Heaven: understanding Prayer

Formerly titled, "Pray Right or Die Tryin'", Prescription From Heaven is a phenomenal course on Salah (prayer) that will not only ensure the correctness of your prayer but also help you understand the importance of focusing on it. The course is taught by Brother Abdul Malik and will include classical and contemporary issues covering:

- The Importance of Prayer
- Conditions of Prayer (includes modern questions with purification, facing the Qibla, times of prayer, clothing, and intention)
- Pillars of prayer (highlighting major mistakes people make in prayer)
- Obligatory actions in Prayer (highlighting how to overcome mistakes in prayer)
- Meaning of prayer:

Why do we say "Allahu Akbar" in the beginning?
What is the meaning and significance of Surah Fatiha, that we recite 17 times a day?
What is the meaning and significance of what we recite in the prayer?

Duration: 6 Hours

Instructor: Abdul Malik Mohammad

Professionally designed course notes will be provided