Fundamentals of Faith: Understanding the Essence of Islam

Ilmster Seminars offers one of our most anticipated courses: Fundamentals of Faith: Understanding the Essence of Islam! 

Course Overview: What is faith? What is the meaning of worship and why do we do it? Who is Allah? This seminar covers these simple but profound questions in the light of the Oneness of God, a foundational concept to which everything in Islam branches from. We also cover the beautiful Names and Attributes of Allah, a topic that will change your perspective of Allah, the world and yourself.

Explore the concept of: 
-Eeman (faith)
-Who is Allah? His Names and Attributes
-What does it mean to be a Muslim? 
-Purification of the soul
-Tawheed (Oneness of Allah)
-Role of Human Beings
-Purpose of Life

This course will change the way you look at the religion Inshallah! 

Duration: 6 Hours

Instructor: Abdul Malik Mohammad

Professionally designed course notes will be provided