Believe in the Lord: Explaining Islam 

Topics Covered: 

* Importance of Dawah
* From Zero the Shahadah
* Intro to Islam
* Purpose of Life
* Asking for Shahadah
* Doubts in Faith: dealing and countering them
* Proving the Prophethood of Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) 
* Atheism: Reasons for increase
* Islamic and philosophical arguments against atheists
* The Quran is a miracle: 8 points to prove it
* Science and Islam
* Evolution


* Course offered over 13 times across GTA
* Simple and easily duplicatable arguments coupled with effective Dawah techniques 
* Version of the course is being translated to other languages (Somali) 
* Arguments proven and used multiple times to get shahadah in less than 45 minutes (multiple stories will be shared during the class)
* A Native muslim brother inspired by the course gave shahadah to over 425 people in his community
* Non-Muslims attending the course have taken shahadah
* Course covers basic tools needed to counsel Muslims having doubts in faith
* This is not just a Dawah course; rather it’s an Eeman boost and reassuring system effective for both Muslims and non-Muslims 
* Academic study of Prophethood, Atheism, Quran, Science and Evolution.
* Course cost is $10. Special scholarships available upon request

Duration: 6 Hours

Instructor: Abdul Malik Mohammad

Professionally designed course notes will be provided