Duration: 6 Hours

Instructor: Musleh Khan

Professionally designed course notes will be provided

The Laws of Attraction: Gender Relations in Islam

FYI - This aint' no marriage course...but we may talk about it ( :

In the contemporary university/college environment, Islamic guidelines for gender interaction are blurry for many Muslims with average to little Islamic education. Some individuals (men and women alike) take a very strict approach, barring themselves from education system, job market, and taking an active part in the community. On the other side, individuals completely ignore the Islamic guidelines, falling into Haram relationships and even adultery. 

This course will provide guidelines on how individuals living in Toronto be productive in their studies, job market and community service while maintaining proper etiquettes of interacting with the opposite gender. The 5-hour course (6 including breaks) will cover different Fiqh rulings and guidelines on: 

• Forming professional relationship (like that in a classroom and organization like MSAs) with the opposite gender
• Dealing with circumstances that necessitate being in Khalwa (seclusion) with the opposite gender (example: interview, lab partnership, doctor/patient interaction)
• Touching the opposite gender (handshakes/hi-5s) 
• Looking and talking with the opposite gender
• Guidelines on breaking out of a Haram relationship