Set Free: Self Control

We feel you! There is just too much Fitnah (trials) out there! But let us come together, and have a FRANK-TALK. No judgements. No Awkwardness. Pure. Halal. Man-talk. A very practical workshop that will Inshallah (Allah willing) Set you Free of being a slave of desires and will help you take control of your life! 

This workshop is based on some of the best (and expensive) self-development resources available in the market, and is catered specially to a Muslim audience. This workshop is NOT about importance of getting rid of bad habits. But is for guiding an average Muslim towards a path of better self control over one's desires by equipping him with tools and practical hacks to develop a Fitnah-Free Life! 

If you are a Muslim going to University/college in Canada, you NEED to attend this workshop! Trust us.

Duration: 2 Hours

Presenter: Abdul Malik Mohammad