Cover to Cover: Overview of the entire Quran

"The superiority of the Speech of Allah and the speech of humans is the superiority of Allah over humans" (Musnad Ahmad)

It is very unfortunate that the most-read book in the world is not fully understood by many! In this perhaps the most awaited Ilmster course, we will go on a journey through the entire Quran. Looking into the story of revelation, we will explore the different kinds of verses, Surah (chapter) structures, and the eloquence of the Quran, giving you a complete bird's eye view of The Most Blessed Book. Ever! 

You will InshaAllah (Allah willing) leave the course with a good understanding of what the Quran talks about, how and why it was revealed through a period of 23 years, it's relevance in our lives, and most importantly, with increased love for the Book of Allah! 

See you in the course Inshallah!

Duration: 6 Hours

Presenter: Imam Aarij Anwer