How Ilmster Works

Getting Ilmster to you!


Ilmster Seminars would conduct crash courses through the Muslim Student’s Associations (MSAs) of university/college campuses. Considering that MSAs posses direct access to the general Muslim body present in their respective university/college campuses, we believe that making use of the MSAs as an information medium would be the most effective and efficient manner in which crash courses could be conducted. Additionally, through being a student group on campus, MSAs have the much-needed ability to reserve lecture halls, media equipment and other necessary materials required for an Ilmster seminar free of charge.


The Ilmster Seminar catalogue will be provided to the MSAs of major universities/ colleges in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), with the MSAs having an option of either selecting a course that they perceive to be of relative importance to their members, or through the recommendation of one from the Ilmster team. Based on the final decision made by the MSA, an Ilmster Instructor will then prepare the appropriate seminar, obtain approval from a student of knowledge (Talib Al-Ilm), and deliver the seminar at the respective university/college campus.

Please download the course catalogue below for all the courses and procedures. 

MSA Course Catalogue