Winning Hearts

Remember what you learned in kindergarten? Treat others the way you want to be treated. Well, treat others better than you want to be treated.

A humble person is not someone that stands with pride, so even if it means you have to fall, so be it. Remember your place and humbly believe that you are not better than the people around you. They transform you, influence you and help you so be humble in your approach to them. You’ll be surprised at how grateful your character will become and how many people will look up to you. But don’t make that the goal.

Renew your intentions.

People may not recognize you right away, but don’t give up. Understand who everyone is, what everyone wants and the need everyone shares. It’s love.

Love comes from a small gift you give to someone or from warmth of a smile. It comes from being kind and dealing with your affairs through the heart.

Don’t be a selfish creature. Be selfless.

Don’t hesitate to forgive others. The people with the biggest hearts are those who forgive. People make mistakes once, twice, thrice; they act unreasonably, they attack who you are; the world is cruel, friends aren’t any better, but forgive. It will lighten your heart!

If you choose your words carefully, you’ll stay on the right track. Good speech attracts positivity. Be gentle and calm. Talk softly. People have ears so they can listen to you speak at volume one. Remember grade 2? Say please and thank you.

Find the good in everyone.

Why judge? People weren’t born to please anyone but God, so what gives us the right to judge who they are? Suspicions can be deadly so give people the benefit of the doubt.

Be understanding.

Meaning: Find out what means the most to someone and make that a means of communicating with them. Be gentle. Talk less, and say more.

When talking to someone, listen to them; listen to how they talk, what they say. Answer back. Interpret their emotions and understand them.

Read their face, follow their actions, and work with every distinct person in a different way. Your style is unique and one, but people out there are many. Smile. I promise it makes a difference. A warm smile is an invitation; a pleasant smile shows who you are and be persistent.

Why win someone’s heart?

Because it’s a great feeling. To get on the same grounds as another human being from a heart-to-heart relationship is awesome.

Look at my Prophet, look at your Prophet. He’s the one, Prophet Muhammad (salAllahu alayhi wasalam). Did he not win the hearts of many?


Should they not be qualities everyone wants? Should you not want this all?


1. Please don’t smile at the brothers sisters, or smile at the sisters brothers. You will win all the hearts, but at the end of the day the burden of ten different hearts will be too hard to carry. 😉

2. If people cannot hear you then you can bump up to volume 2. I said be gentle but not to the point where someone thinks they’re deaf, just work on that tone!

3. Don’t fall to the ground tomorrow, that’s not being humble, people will just think you have a medical condition. Just quit being arrogant. Everyone’s made the same way and on this Earth for the same purpose.

4. If this is too mushy for you, then good-bye.

Let’s make a change!

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