Lost and Found

Someone I know ended up in the foster care system and was adopted by a Muslim family. He became Muslim and years went by. A couple months ago, through Twitter, he reconnected with his older biological brother after eight years apart.

I was looking at his biological brother’s posts and I came across a picture he posted over a year before they reconnected. It was a picture of his little brother and on it he wrote, “So today is my little brother’s birthday. He is 18 and I’m not going to be with him and it sucks. The last time I saw him was summer of 2004 in this picture. Now that he is an adult, I hope he will be easier to find. Happy Birthday!”

In the comments on the picture, he said he was going to write to Ellen DeGeneres to help him find his brother. The amazing thing about that post is that he didn’t find his little brother. His little brother found HIM.

We look and we look. But sometimes we forget that what we are looking for might find us on its own.

#MakesMeThink #SubhanAllah

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