The Difference that is People

This morning, the bus that I was riding went out of service. Everyone had to get off of the bus and wait for the next bus. While we were waiting, there was one passenger who seemed agitated. Then he said some bad words and started walking away. When he did that, I concluded that where he was headed wasn’t that far, so rather than wait, he decided to walk. Ten minutes later, the bus came and we all got on minus the man.

Four stops later, this same gentleman tried to use his transfer to get on the bus but the bus driver wouldn’t accept it. Some of the passengers tried to tell the bus driver that the gentleman had been from the previous bus but the bus driver didn’t want to listen to it. In the end, the gentleman wasn’t able to board the bus and left in a huff and everyone muttered about the TTC’s horrible service.

Fast forward to later in the day, I was coming home from work and I saw the bus coming. Knowing that the next bus wasn’t going to come for a while, I decided to jaywalk and catch that bus. However, midway across the street, traffic started picking up and I decided it wasn’t worth it and walked back to the sidewalk. The bus driver saw me though and even though it was a green light for him, he waited for the light to change so that I could cross the street and get on the bus. Faith in the TTC restored.

We like to group people together. All bus drivers are annoying. All doctors have bad handwriting. But at the end of the day, everyone has their own personality. The way people are is a reflection of their life and values, not their profession.

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